Snow White & The Huntsman

BlueBolt completed over 150 shots on Snow White & The Huntsman, delivered in a very short post period of 5 months.  We were responsible for the design and full 3D build of Snow White’s castle, created for both the Magnus and Ravenna reign. The Magnus reign castle was built and textured first, before we reworked it all to add destruction, vines, scorching and general dilapidation for the Ravenna reign. The entrance courtyard was built as a set at Pinewood Studios, with everything else being a CG build. Even the practical courtyard had to be duplicated in CG so it could be added to the Welsh beach location. The castle featured in shots with all types of weather and lighting conditions, and from distant silhouette to extreme close up helicopter shots.

The central 6 buildings for the Royal Village existed as a set build up to a height of around 3 metres. Everything above that was a CG set extension. We also had to add CG buildings beyond this central section for the rest of the village. As with the castle, the village needed to be built and textured twice, once for each reign. There were many set extension shots of the village that were shot in very heavy rain, which added an extra layer of complexity to the compositing.

Snow White & the Huntsman was an exciting and challenging project to work on, and we are very proud to have been a major part of it.

Click here for the project’s VFX breakdown.