Peaky Blinders S1, 2, 3 and 4

BlueBolt were the sole vendor of this 6 part TV drama for Tiger Aspect.  Our brief was to create a ‘Blade Runner’ style 1920’s Birmingham; extending city streets with smoking factories, chimneys and scaffolding as well as adding blood and destruction. Around 50 shots were completed for this exciting TV drama, which aired on BBC2 in Autumn 2013.

BlueBolt re-joined the Peaky Blinders team for season two of the critically acclaimed TV series. This time, we helped create the London world where Tommy and the boys go seek their fortune. We also further finessed the familiar docks and factories of Birmingham, pushing its appearance to 2 years later from Season One. Most importantly our very own Henry Badgett, VFX Supervisor on the show, has a starring role in the Derby sequence in Ep 6.

In May 2016 the third season started airing. BlueBolt again was sole vendor.

Click here for the project’s VFX breakdown.