Howards End

Howards End is set in England c1900. Being shot predominantly in London in 2017, it therefore required a vast amount modern clean up and set extension where buildings needed to be removed and replaced, and with period vehicles and people. It was a balance between what the art department could cover up and where VFX took over.

The really fun stuff for BlueBolt was in Episode 1 when creating King’s Cross. Besides a platform and two lines of carriages being a practical set piece the rest of King’s Cross, trains, station, people, and lets not forget the pigeons were all created in post.

The exterior of King’s Cross where you see the train leaving took its lead from a painting called ‘morning rush from King’s Cross’, by CJ Allen. DMP artists had to create this view from scratch owing to the present station looking so very different from back then. The only real element was a single steam train, the rest, including all steam was added later. Every person you see there was shot on a greenscreen where we had people act out scenes of them running for trains, waving off loved ones, and exhausted workers on the tracks.

Keep an eye out for the driver waving from his cabin. It’s all of these little details that we take pride in here at BlueBolt, as with real life there are always details hidden within details which takes a
standard VFX shot to something mimicking realism. Stills below: