Great Expectations

BlueBolt were the sole vendor on this BBC Prime Time Christmas Special and we got to work again with the director, Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones Season 1).

We were involved from the start of pre-production, working closely with the DP, Florian Hoffmeister, and production designer, David Roger.

We created a number of CG environments to show 19th Century Dickension London and give a greater sense of scale to the series. We built three different central London environments and a working dockside in CG, which were then added in to the background of the practical set builds.

A large part of our work was adding CG fog to shots in order to give the atmosphere Brian wanted, paying particular attention to continuity. Some practical fog was used in close up shots, so we had a practical look to match to. In the foggy marshes sequences, we also added CG prison ships out to sea.

We assisted with the body burn of Miss Haversham to get the pacing required and place Gillian Anderson into the flames. An impressive practical burn was done, which we then used and manipulated to create a slow and painful death.

For our work on Great Expectations, we were honoured to receive the 2012 BAFTA TV Craft Award for Best Visual Effects.

Click here for the project’s VFX breakdown.